Rapporto conclusivo del progetto europeo "Building a Green Social Dialogue"

Building a social dialogue for sustainable construction



This report is part of the project titled “BROAD Building a Green Social Dialogue”, which received funding from the European Union (DG Employment and Social Affairs – Agreement no. VS/2015/0328). This document reflects only the authors' views. The European Union is not responsible for the use made of the information contained in this publication
The project has been coordinated by FILLEA CGIL (Federation of Wood, Building and Allied Industry Workers, Italy). Fondazione Giuseppe Di Vittorio (FDV) has been in charge of drafting the Preliminary Report, the Italian Country Report and of the editing of the Final Report.
The Country Reports have carried out by Tom Deleu, Geert Ramaekers, Jean-Louis Teheux and Kristof Van Roy (ACV-BOUW) Belgium; Bettina Peifer (PECO Institut) Germany; Simonetta Bormioli, Daniele Di Nunzio and Serena Rugiero (FDV) Italy; Jakub Kus (Budowlani) Poland; Jesus Antonio Fernandez Bejar, Maria Ángeles Romero Cambra and Paloma Vazquez Laserna (CCOO DE CONSTRUCCIÓN Y SERVICIOS), Spain.
We would like to thank the associate organisations FILCA CISL, FENEAL UIL, ANCE (Italy) and the European Federation of Building and Woodworkers (EFBWW) for their support throughout the project.

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Pubblichiamo inoltre in allegato le slides sul progetto e le linee guida europee sul dialogo sociale presentate da Serena Rugiero, coordinatrice scientifica del progetto (FDV), e Daniele Di Nunzio (FDV) e sul report italiano presentato da Simonetta Bormioli".